Axioma Stream: Integrating analytics for investments

Sept 11, 2024, Chicago

Join us for Axioma Stream on September 11, 2024, an exclusive event only for Axioma clients hosted in connection with the SimCorp Americas Summit 2024

With Axioma and SimCorp joining forces there is a world of innovation ready for you to explore. Axioma Stream is an exclusive experience for Axioma clients to get a first look at available technology to address your challenges. 

When you join Axioma Stream you’ll have a full day of connecting with other Axioma clients, plus access to the first day of the SimCorp Americas Summit complimentary! Here you will experience amazing plenary presentations, a marketplace of tech demo and expert stands and the networking cocktail reception. 

Why you should join Axioma Stream in connection with SimCorp Americas Summit 2024

  • Networking with +300 delegates from top asset managers, asset servicers, pension funds and insurance firms 
  • Inspiring plenary presentations 
  • Access to the marketplace with specialists and hands-on demo stands 
  • The opportunity to network with industry experts, leaders, and your peers

Psst……want to join the whole SimCorp Americas Summit?
Register at the event website here

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